We Offer Fantastic Warranties to Our Clients
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At Floors 4 Less, we offer a one-year labor warranty on general work, as well as a two-year warranty on hardwood flooring installation. If you’d like to learn more, then consider reaching out to us today.

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Shower Remodeling

If you’d like to revamp your shower, then consider reaching out to our professional team today.

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Get Shower Remodeling Service in Frisco, TX, and the DFW Metroplex Area

Your shower is a key feature of your bathroom. You need it to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing—but not everyone has a shower that’s like that. At Floors 4 Less, we can help you address that issue. We offer shower remodeling service to clients in Frisco, TX, Rockwall, TX, and throughout the DFW Metroplex area. We can help you revamp your existing shower, replace your shower, or even install one in place of a bathtub. We offer reliable, high-quality service to all of our clients; just give us a call today to learn more.

Why Get a Shower Remodel from Us?

Built to Last

When you get a brand-new shower, you want to make sure that it will last for years to come—you don’t want to have to get a shower or bathtub replacement just a couple of months down the line, after all. At Floors 4 Less, we always aim to provide top-quality products that will stand up to the test of time. Our experts utilize the best materials in the business and will construct sturdy showers that will hold up for years.

Custom Work

Sometimes, you might want something a little more personalized for your bathroom. Perhaps you need additional accessibility features for your shower. Or, maybe you want a customized look—with beautiful glass doors, gorgeous tilework, and a fantastic paint job. If you’re looking for custom shower installation, our remodeling team can help. We can craft showers that have been perfectly tailored to the needs of each client, helping you to get something that will suit your home perfectly.

Outstanding Service

We believe that each and every customer should get amazing service. This shower remodeling project is for you, after all, and we never lose sight of that. Our professionals have years of experience in the industry and can help you avoid potential pitfalls that other contractors may ignore. We aim to educate our clients and will work with them to produce fantastic results—no matter what kind of shower installation or replacement service you’re looking for.

More About Our Process

When you get shower remodeling service from us, we’ll begin by setting up a consultation with you. This consultation is designed to allow us to gather information; we want to get a better idea of what your budget’s like, what you want out of your remodel, and what your unique tastes are like. This, in turn, will give us a better idea of how we can proceed.

Once we’ve spoken with you, we’ll take a look at your bathroom and existing shower or tub. We’ll take measurements, take note of the existing layout, and otherwise figure out how best to install or remodel your shower. From there, we can provide you with a solid plan of action. We’ll go over everything with you—and, once you’re happy with our plan, we can get to work. This may mean taking out the old shower or bathtub, installing tilework, painting the shower, and much more. Once we’re done, we’ll show you the results and make sure that they meet your expectations. Our number one goal is always to make sure that you get something that you’ll really love!

Offering the Best Products in the Business

At Floors 4 Less, we’re committed to excellence. We love what we do, and we love being able to provide our clients with products and services that they’ll really love. We’ve been doing this for over two decades, so you can be confident that we’ll produce perfect results, no matter the situation.

Shower remodeling doesn’t have to be a stressful process; when you work with our experts, you can get the fantastic results you deserve. If you’re near Frisco, TX, Rockwall, TX, or the DFW Metroplex area, then consider reaching out to us for a free estimate. We also offer a range of financing options to choose from; give us a call today for more details.

Trust Us to Provide You With:

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    Tub to Shower Conversions

    Not everyone wants a bathtub—but you might not want to go through the hassle and expense of completely removing your bathtub, either. A tub to shower conversion is a cost-effective way to revamp your bathroom. At Floors 4 Less, we have the skill and experience to make your tub to shower conversion easy.

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    Custom Showers

    Do you want a shower that will perfectly suit your current bathroom? Then get a custom shower installation from us! We can take the time to work with you and craft the perfect shower, then handle the installation from start to finish.

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    Want to enhance the look of your shower but don’t want to go through the stress of getting an entirely new one? Then you might just want to get it painted! At Floors 4 Less, we can easily paint your shower and the area around it, providing you with a fantastic-looking end result.

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    Tilework can be a fantastic way to enhance your shower. Our professionals can provide you with gorgeous custom tilework that will make your shower look absolutely amazing. We’ll work with you to find the right options for your bathroom, then install everything perfectly the first time.

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    Shower and Bathtub Replacements

    Would you like to get rid of your bathtub entirely and replace it with a shower? No problem; we can handle the task for you. Our professionals will easily handle your bathtub or shower replacement; we’ll help you pick out a new shower, completely remove the old shower or bathtub, and then install the new one with ease.

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    General Shower Installation

    Renovating your shower doesn’t have to be anything fancy; it can be as easy as replacing it with a newer model! At Floors 4 Less, we’ll help you pick out a brand-new shower, then handle the installation from start to finish. With our expert help, you can be confident that you’ll get something that you’ll love.